Behind the Scenes Videos

The Making of "Get Up"

J. Eric and Naoto talk about the making of Get Up and memorable moments in this exclusive clip

The Making of "Indestructible"

J. Eric reveals inside info on the early stages of his song and his personal message towards finding an indestructible mindset
Who is J.Eric?...

He's a multi-instrumentalist:
He plays trumpet, synth keyboard, electric guitar, and can effortlessly pick up any instrument of choice and start making music.

He's heavily inspired by nostalgic tunes such as Daft Punk's "One More Time;" Enimen's maniacal explosiveness and his alter ego, Slim Shady; the Red Hot Chili Pepper's emotional and chaotic energy; and most importantly, the music and interesting conspiracy that arose from the Beatles. 

Deep down, he wanted nothing more than to be up there with guitar gods like Slash, Carlos Santana, Gary Moore, Eric Clapton, and John Frusciante.

John started off with a keyboard that was left in the back of his mother's storage. After recreating different songs from movies and the radio, he was carried away and wanted to write his own. He became determined to discover the secrets of music.

In 2020,

He has teamed up with the likes of Aaron Laverne, Naoto Yamada, Aigetsu Kishaba, to put together music and tunes stemming from their ingenuity. What will J.Eric create in the near future?

Guess you're gonna have to find out...












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